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Thursday, October 8, 2015
Why's Resume Distribution?
The Best Method to Land Your Ideal Job (learn more) - Proactive resume distribution to a recruiter's email inbox is up to 20 times more effective than simply posting your resume to a job board then hoping someone finds it.
High Quality Recruiter Database - IMPORTANT - Our recruiter count is not inflated by random recruiter email addresses we find on the internet. To ensure quality results for our customers we require ALL of our recruiters to subscribe at our site, confirm their email address, and personally choose their disciplines and locations. Each recruiter account is then verified prior to activation.
The Most Industries - With over 320 recruiter industries to choose from our service targets your resume directly to recruiters working jobs with your specific skill set.
Success Guarantee & Lifetime Membership - You can resend your resume at any time for $19 per resend. However, if you have not had success from our service in 30 days we will critique your resume and then resend your updated resume at no charge.
Recruiter Calculator
Resume Distribution Recruiter Calculator
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Recruiters and Employment Agencies Recruiters and Employment Agencies Recruiters and Employment Agencies Military Transition Assistance Executive Recruiters and Management Recruiters
Number of Disciplines you can choose 2 4 6 4 6
Number of Locations you can choose 3 3 3 3 3
Confirmation email with list of firms included (recruiter list)
Lifetime, unlimited resume resends for $19 per resend
Recruiters place exiting military members (recruiter list)        
Targets retained and executive search firms (recruiter list)        
Recruiter Calculator
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The trend for several years now has been for job seekers to post their resume on various employment web sites. These sites then charge recruiters and employment agencies large fees to search for candidates.

Instead of taking the time to post your resume to all the job boards, then hoping recruiters will use the correct keywords to find your resume, we distribute your resume directly to recruiters working in your field. This is targeted, proactive resume distribution to the professionals who represent thousands of companies with great jobs. Recruiters and employment agencies work virtually every open job position including an overwhelming amount of confidential or "hidden market" jobs not posted or advertised.

There is no need to spend time researching recruiters and employment agencies; let us do the work for you. You can spend your time preparing for interviews! Choose a resume distribution package from the table above to begin the sign up process or learn more.

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