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The best way to find an ideal job — actively distributing resumes to recruiters’ inboxes is up to 20 times more effective than simply posting resumes on job boards and then hoping someone finds them.
High Quality Recruiter Database – Important – Our Recruiter Count is not inflated by any Recruiter email address found on the Internet. To ensure good results for our customers, all recruiters must sign up for our site, verify their email addresses, and choose their field and location personally. Each recruitment account will be verified prior to activation.
Most industries – Recruiters with more than 320 hiring industries to choose from our services will be targeted directly to recruiters working with specific skills.
Guaranteed Success and Lifetime Membership – Resend resumes at any time for $19 per retransmission. However, if the service is not successful within 30 days, we will review your resume and send you an updated resume for free.

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The trend in recent years is for job seekers to post resumes on various job websites. These sites then charge a lot of money to search for candidates from recruiters and employment agencies.
Instead of taking the time to post resumes on all recruitment boards and hoping that recruiters find resumes using the correct keywords, they distribute resumes directly to recruiters working in the field. This is aimed at professionals representing thousands of companies with excellent jobs and distributing resumes in advance. Recruiters and employment agencies work in almost all open jobs, including overwhelmingly confidential or “hidden market” jobs that have not been posted or advertised.

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There are two ways to contact you. You can send us your information on the contact page of the website and call us directly. You can come to the office.
There are also two payment methods. Cash payment and crypto payment are in line with the current trend. The part regarding crypto payment technology has been handled by and we will contact you to give you our bank account or crypto address.

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You don't have to spend time

You don’t have to spend time investigating recruiters and hiring organizations. Let us work for you. You can spend time preparing for the interview! Select a resume distribution package from the table above to start the subscription process or learn more.